STS Testimonials

Kimberly J.
When I first started training for one of the biggest events of my life, the Miss USA 2008 Pageant, I had a trainer who did not care about my goals or my needs and he even made me feel worse about myself. It was then that I was referred to Scott Keppel from Scott’s Training Systems. Training with Scott was the best decision I made for my preparation for Miss USA, as well as the best decision I have ever made in my life regarding my health and fitness goals.

Because of Scott, I felt confident and comfortable in my own skin for the very first time in my life. Scott helped me achieve the look I never thought I could have. He was one of my biggest supporters; encouraging, motivating, and pushing me at all times. He put countless hours, days, and months, into me, to help me reach my goals. As Miss Arizona USA 2008, I always had appearances, charity events, and modeling opportunities, on top of working as a Special Education Teacher full-time. Scott bent over backwards for me constantly accommodating my hectic schedule and readjusting my workout and meal plans to what would fit into my busy days. He was always understanding and more than willing to fit me into his work schedule for workouts, whether that meant fitting me in at lunch or him having to stay later than normal, just to train me. Scott knew my goals and how much this event meant to me, and he made it a priority to have me look and feel the best I possibly could, so I could walk away from this experience with no regrets and knowing I gave it my all. I will forever be grateful for Scott and all he has done for me. I refer everyone I know to him and I will train with him for the rest of my life, because not only did he help me achieve my competition goals, he has altered my lifestyle. Some days Scott was my therapist, some days he was my coach; he was always my personal trainer, and he will forever be my friend.

Scott deserves to be Trainer of the Year because he has changed not only my life, but also so many people’s lives for the better, permanently.

Jenn S.
My entire family works out with STS and it has made us healthier AND brought us closer together. My husband and I both workout with an STS trainer individually once a week and we also attend Family Fit Camp with our 6 and 9 year old. All of our friends go with their kids and all of us look forward to having a good workout while our kids get their own active playtime. STS has become a pillar in the healthy lifestyle we work hard to create for our family, which can be particularly challenging in today’s hectic times. Family Fit Camp is another opportunity for me to be with my family instead of away from them at the gym – love it!

Another reason I am hooked to STS is that they have completely customized a workout and eating plan for me that works for ME. I work a lot of hours and I have to travel from time to time but that is not an excuse anymore! I have workouts I can do in hotels and at home and I love all of them. Yes, I actually LIKE my workouts. The food plans are totally doable – real food with practical solutions that fit for my nutty life. I have come to rely on the STS team greatly and I am thankful that we have found them!

Adam Z.
Competing in an amateur bodybuilding competition has always been one of personal goals; I came across Scott Training Systems (STS) and found the medium that would make it possible. I am generally a well rounded active person, I am runner, swimmer, and weight trainer, but I wanted to take it to the next level. I knew that STS would take me to new heights! The funny thing is that initially I didn’t realize that we were 450 miles apart (STS is based in Phoenix, AZ and I was in Albuquerque, NM). Scott explained that he has worked with clients via computer several times and that it would not be a problem. He was right-over a period of 3 months, countless emails, and some phone calls we made it possible.

When all was said and done I competed in the OCB Natural Southwest Classic and placed in the top three in two categories. Over the entire process I found that Scott was always on top of his game-he provided a game plan that included a customized diet and workout split. As time passed he monitored my diet, changed up my split when necessary, and critiqued my posing always providing helpful tips. If I had any questions on my diet or posing he was quick to respond. I felt both confident and comfortable entering multiple categories in the OCB competition and it was due to the personal training oversight that was provided. It was an incredible experience from beginning to end and I would do it all over again! Any one wanting to make a positive change in their life whether it is competing in an amateur bodybuilding competition or just generally wanting to feel healthier I would work with STS. I highly recommend STS and wish you luck!

Anthony A.
What I have learned from my trainer, Scott Keppel and why his trainer of every year in my book.

Nutritionally, Scott Keppel has taken meticulous time regarding my food intake. I work in a travel/sales oriented job. We have discussed my eating habits when I am working from home versus when I am traveling. Scott has shown me the importance of reading labels and the awareness of what is good for my body to meet my goals. In addition, Scott has educated me on preparation and cooking my meals is very important. He provides me methods of preparing my food; maximizing my nutrition without adding extra calories, but not sacrificing flavor. His monthly newsletter provides healthy and delicious recipes clients can use to keep on track. These are so great and helpful. Lastly, Scott educates me on supplements. We take time to discuss what my body needs regarding these supplements and why. Supplements are chosen to help me maximize my workout goals. Scott keeps an inventory of a diverse range of supplements which makes the process even easier. When traveling, he has provided me with work out regimes I can perform with the limited time I have. He has also coached me on how to eat when I am in catered lunch environments. It can be overwhelming when I am in these meetings with limited choices for lunch. These bits of information are so crucial when maintaining my goals. It might be simple, but Scott also coaches me on my social drinking habits as well. We covered what I should have and what I might need to convene when I am not 'partying' as much as they next guy.

Physically, Scott discusses with me what I want to accomplish and how best to obtain these goals. He designs very specific workouts which provide a concentrated regime for me to follow. Scott makes sure that I am keeping excellent form to prevent injuries. In the past, I have experienced some back issues as well as knee surgery. He always takes these issues into consideration so we can strengthen these areas rather than agitate them. Scott has provided excellent rehabilitation as a side bar to my normal workout goals. He has been able to motivate and strengthen my body. At one point, we discussed me competing for a body building show. Having such a discussion was a huge deal since I had just taken off 40 pounds. When I was a kid, I had always been the dumpy fat boy. I was always the guy who got picked last during gym period. Scott has motivated me to do things physically I never thought I could. He has pushed me to run faster than I ever have. He has pushed me to lift harder than I thought I could. I could never do pull ups as a fat kid. 35 years later, pull ups are still scary. Scott has helped motivate me to now perform 16 unassisted pull ups all by myself. I can’t begin to explain the accomplishment and self esteem this simple task has provided. This simple accomplishment and self-esteem permeates my daily life.

Emotionally, Scott has been completely awesome. He made sure to understand why I was gaining weight. We discussed my life journey, insecurities and emotional hurts. It was so important to work through these items as well so I could better change my life for the better. I can make healthier choices and understand why I am making them. He has patience of a saint. We have had to discuss some items many times over, but, Scott’s support and nurturing behavior to his clients is unwavering. This is a huge reason why I believe Scott to be successful in his business and as a trainer. In addition to myself, I know Scott’s clients are extremely successful in meeting their goals. He works with body and figure competitors. These competitors consistently make the top five places. Scott is forging reputation for being a strong educator and trainer in the city of Phoenix. He also performs seminars to the elderly and the young. He has also completed many local television spots covering an assortment of workout and specific diet needs. Once again, Scott is also motivating the community to be a healthier version of themselves. He always makes himself accessible to all.

In my opinion, Scott is one of the best trainers, educators, and listeners out there. He has continued to consistently perform at a very high level for his business and clients. At this point, I could venture off on my own but choose not to. I still feel, after five years, he has so much to share and teach me. I don’t want to miss one morsel of information that will help challenge my body and mind. Scott has been an absolutely blessing as my trainer and friend.

Traci M.
Scott Keppel has been part of my lifestyle change for six years. I am a stay at home mom that was fortunate to find this highly professional, knowledgeable and enthusiastic Personal Trainer. One of the traits I admire most about Scott is his positive attitude. The word 'can’t' is not part of his vocabulary. Due to Scott’s individualized exercise program, which are challenging but attainable, I have been able to achieve my goals of strength, flexibility and balance, weight management and a positive outlook for future goals. I am a better person for knowing Scott Keppel as he has helped me regain my self-confidence and that is priceless.

Scott Keppel is very personable and remarkable at his trade.

Tischa C.
"STS has changed my life - not to mention my figure! I was referred to Scott by a friend who had trained with him and lost 50lbs! I figured Scott must have had some magic up his sleeve so I was more than willing to see if he could help me transform MY figure. I train with Scott 2 times a week and I can see my physique progressing each week. My first figure competition is a little over a month away and with the knowledge and expertise of Scott’s training, I am positive that I will do well and without a doubt get that dream figure that I’ve been wishing for.

The experience I have had working with Scott has been inspirational. I would recommend “STS” to anyone who truly is dedicated to making your dream physique a reality."

Susan B.
"Scott has helped me make tremendous gains with not only my physique but with my overall workout routine. Having trained for 16 years on my own, I thought I had perfected my approach; after training with Scott I realized that was not the case. His professionalism and depth of knowledge in body building is clearly reflected in his training techniques. Scott introduced me to a whole new training regiment which was much more compatible with my busy schedule and provided for a much more varied exercise program versus my stagnate unchanging routines. In preparing for my first competition Scott was very dedicated and supportive and took the time to customize my program including nutrition, to yield the most effective results.

I would highly recommend Scott for any level of training and suggest that as long as you adhere to his discipline you cannot help but succeed in reaching your goals."

Jeanette F.
"Being a group fitness instructor for over 15 years, I'm used to being the 'trainer'. I came to rely on my classes for my workouts so I was doing a lot of cardio and very little resistance training. Doing less and less strength training along with an inconsistent diet of skipped lunches and take out dinners, slowly decreased my strength and quality energy. The last few years have been one tweak, pull and injury after another even though I still considered myself 'an athlete'. Gradually I forgot what it felt like to really feel good and settled into feeling depleted, fatigued and slightly injured all the time.

Hiring Scott to train me has not only been fun, but it's really boosted my motivation! I've gained core strength, lost body fat and have found some definition in my muscles again. Every single workout with Scott is challenging but I ALWAYS leave feeling successful and really feel like my workouts are customized just for me.

I told him when I started that I wanted to lose body fat but wasn't willing to do what it takes to have a figure competitor's body. He's provided me with a healthy diet plan and encourages one cheat day a week! His customized program is sensible and based on a lifestyle change, not a short term diet for short term results.

I don't think my story is unusual and I'm sure a lot of people who work out on a regular basis need coaching occasionally. Knowing what to do and actually doing it are two different things. If not, there would not be any overweight Doctors or bankrupt Financial Advisors in the world! Scott helps me from becoming the 'fat aerobics instructor'"

"Scott, I made it! When I first started training for this, I had no idea that I could come this far and do what I'm doing now. It was hard for me when gymnastics was over to know what to do with myself. Thank you for being my motivation and for believing in me. You are the most awesome trainer in the world!"

Kelly R.
I signed up for my first gym membership in 2001, and although I was excited about getting started, I was a bit intimidated about all of the equipment. I was very fortunate to meet Scott, because Scott has made every session enjoyable and productive. Scott is extremely professional while making the entire experience comfortable and fun. He not only outlines and instructs me through great workouts, but he also explains which muscles each exercise is focused on. Scott always maintains a positive outlook and listens to the questions and goals I have. I feel very lucky to have Scott as my trainer."

Joe R.
"I’m 49 years old, former three sport athlete, including professional, who initially thought I knew everything about strength training, weight loss, nutrition, just because of that. I was working out 7 days a week and because of that I thought I could eat whatever I wanted, however, at the end of the day, the question I kept asking myself was, “why am I still looking the way I am after all of that hard work?” “What was it going to take to get that body transformation I wanted?” The answer was right in front of me, “STS”.

Scott began working with me 2 years ago by stressing the importance of goal-setting & proper planning, two key elements that gave me the look I have always wanted. His program was never a, “do this & you will look like this,” however, he coached me through the process for the purpose of heightening my education of this passion that I had. All of this has helped me prepare for my third bodybuilding competition, which I thought I could never do however, the “STS” program has helped me basically slow down the aging process.

Do you have a dream of having a physique that you can be proud of and need some effective coaching along the way; do you look like what you eat; & finally are you serious about getting a total body transformation. If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions then I would highly recommend the “STS” program.

I would recommend “STS” to anyone who truly is dedicated to making your dream physique a reality."